To the New 6th Graders.

My two things to look forward to during your 6th grade career, is classes are much easier, and lunch is so much better than the one choice lunch in elementary.
Do you not like having the same people in the same class every day? Well you’re in luck, in middle school you don’t have the same people in every class. If you think someone is boring in your first period class, then don’t worry you will have someone new next period…maybe…but here is some advice. You might have different students, but the teachers are still teachers. You still need to do your work and stay on task, but don’t be quiet at lunch talk to people.

Speaking of lunch, there are much better choices at the middle school cafeteria, like baked potatoes, salads, and even more drink choices. For example, you have apple juice, cranberry juice, water, and yes you still have milk. As I was saying, here is some advice in the cafeteria. You cannot just get up and dump your tray, you have to raise your hand and the lunch monitor will dismiss you to dump your tray. Example, imagine everyone in the cafeteria getting up when they feel like it, by the way there is 6th grade 7th grade and 8th grade all in one room. Hope you enjoy your new classes, and better lunch choices. I hope you take my advice and have a good year at white oak middle school!