The Brave Girl

Malala stood on stage and spoke for her rights in Pakistan. She stood against the Taliban, we need to stand against terrorist and help. Malala stood up for herself and all women of Pakistan, here are some examples of how bravery is important to life. If we did not have bravery, we could not make it far in life.

Because if you’re scared of every little thing, like a bug or snap of a twig. That is not much bravery, however Malala was brave, she stood against the Taliban for all women of Pakistan. We need to do the same stand against the evil in this world. Make the world a better place.”They shot my body! But my soul is strong!” Malala continued to preach.

Malala is not just important for life. It is important for other things, like a scary game, or a creepy book. That is also why you need bravery, to fight terrorist, bomb threats, and the verge of war. Bravery is a very important essential to life. Malala did not stop speaking for her rights, not even when she was threatened, and shot. She continues speaking.

Malala is a brave girl, standing against the Taliban, if we did not have bravery. We could not make it far in life. We need to do the same, and stop the terrorist.