Malala Wants To Make A Difference For All People.

Malala, She wants to make peace. She wants to change Pakistan’s perspective of women and children alike. She wants to know how, so she prays to god every night for an answer, everyday Malala wants peace, but she also wants to change the world without war. Peace and change is all she wants. She wants the military and Taliban to stop fighting, but if the Taliban wins than the world will be evil. Then she won’t be able to change man’s perspective of women. Malala wants change, but not so much that the world turns evil. “Girls do not need education to run a house!” The Taliban said. That’s not true you do need education! Yes even to run a house! You have to read recipes and other things. Women also have a special dress code “Women wear black dresses with black long socks and black shoes showing almost no skin!” Malala wants to change that for the better  

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