This Is How I Thought The Medi-Talker Had An Impact On The Plot In “Out Of My Mind”

To start with. She can’t walk she can’t talk. “I can’t walk. I can’t talk. I can’t feed myself.” without a doubt she is trying to explain how she can’t do anything on her own. She wants to tell her family how smart she is, and how much she really loves her family. “Anyway I almost fell out of my chair. I scrunched my face and tried to point to the radio.”On the other hand she is getting tired of fake grades and she can’t even tell them, but what if she had a computer made for her she could. “It would have big keys, so my thumbs could push the right buttons!” she can’t talk to her family because she is disabled. Despite that I think the Medi-Talker is going to have a big impact on the plot because she can finally talk! Sorta. Seeing she can’t really physically talk on her own. So the Medi-Talker is doing it for her.

Sharon Drapers Writing

There are many parts of ‘’Out Of My mind” I like about Sharon Drapers writing. I liked how she made me laugh in   the sentence “So I did. I strained. I reached. I tried so hard I farted!’’. ‘’Mrs. Violet Valenica Lives next door to us. Violets are purple, and Valenica oranges are well orange! And purple oranges are just weird, so is she’’ I love how she draws you in. ‘’ I`m surrounded by Thousands of words. Maybe millions!”. Sharon Draper has many things I like.

                                                                                                   Ashley Eich.