Earth Day

Earth Days 44th anniversary was April 22,2014.

April 22 1970 was when Earth Day Began.

 Role of Earth Day became because of the Santa Barbara oil spill.      

 The first Earth day found more than 20 million peoples attention.

Hundreds of people wanted Earth Day real.

Develop a plan to help you Ecosystem.

A man named Senator Nelson found Earth Day.

Yay thank you Senator Nelson for every thing.

What I Think Of Child Labor

I think child labor is wrong,I mean you taking a child’s well childhood and making them work right threw it.With only very little pay even tho its put lives in DANGER!Then on top of the you could be losing limbs.When  it was tam for the kids to start working they would lock the children inside the building.With no source of ventilation what so ever,so the children had to sit and work without even a bit of cool air for refreshment.Anyway thats what I thought of child labor hope you agree.

I Want To Be A Secretary Of State

Because its a senior of the Federal government of the U.S.A head of the U.S Department of state,principally concerned with foreign policy and is considered to be U.S governments equivalent of a minister for foreign Affairs.The secretary is appointed by the President Of the United states this is confirmed by the United States Senate.