French Revolutnary War weapons

French weapons      American colonist were barley 12 years removed from french and Indian wars (1754-1763), but close enough to a new conflict to begin thinking about necessity for building a store for weapons.Those who served ion militas in that earlier war had furnished their own weapons.the guns would have been ounskets, frowling pieces or no weapons at all.They brought and carried their own provisions.Altough the muskets conflict.The matchlock musket was odoslete by 1775,but still retained by some families as a useful, but cumbersome to fire,weapon.

John Jay


He was a revolutionary sympathizer at first then Patriot.
Over the course of the American Revolution.
He saw that the Revolution continued.
He realized reconciliation.
John Jay
Did not vote
or sign Declaration Of Independence.
This stage  of  his  life  not  convinced.
Realized reconciliation was unlikely,he become a Ardent Patriot.

Betsy Ross

I believe Betsy Ross made the first American flag because.Theres a little proof cause it says her grandson William Canby and other members of her family members signed swon affidavits saying they heard the story from Betsy her self making the flag.Thats why I think Betsy Ross made the first American flag.