Roughneck Homecomeing

I like Roughneck Homecomeing because,I see friends I haven’t seen in a while, just cause you move it still makes you a Roughneck.And i like getting out early just because parents dont like waiting in a long line to get there kids.THANK YOU PARENTS.And I like going home early on Fridays and doing absulutly nothing just set my stuff down and dont touch it until monday until i have to move it off the floor thats about the only time i touch it on the weekends i mean who doesnt just do nothing on the weekends unless you like doing math,reading,scince, history at home for no reason even tho your teaches dont know what your doing.Anyways I also like home comeing because of the peprally they might be loud but hey thats roughnecks for yah dont jude a school buy Its peprally you got to jude it by it foot ball games not its peprallys no dont even do that dont jude us at all becuase we will just wash it off out backs.

Jamestown or Plymouth

Id rather live in Jamestown because there were less people in Jamestown than there were in Plymouth,with less people that means more food,even tho there was not much food,maybe i could have a bit to eat.Then i could make glass and try to sell it to the natives and get some food off them.


Jaun was an explorer and i did not know people thought he was a fake make believe person I was shocked when i read that! An when I read his ship got frozen in ICE!I was just shocked and i realized theres more to History than to just sit there and look for stuff.